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Resistant & Elegant

PaviFLEX FitnessXtreme is, probably, the best gym flooring in the market. Exclusively developed to provide the highest performance in strength zones, free weights areas and CrossTraining rooms, this floor fits perfectly with the intensive use.

The surface design combined with the composition of the rubber provides the non slip properties  needed for strength workouts. The optimum friction coefficient to obtain the best traction and the highest density to get the exceptional impact absorption.

A floor really easy to install, apart from the heavy weight of each square meter of material (more than 15 kgs of rubber in 10 mm thickness). Just puzzle interlock the tiles on the existing solid, clean and plain surface. No need to glue.

Water proof and anti bacterial, it is really easy to maintain. 

Available in a wide range of colors, including wood and marble effects, any color can also be produced per customer request. 

Fully customizable with any logo, design or marking, so customers can create their own atmosphere to stand out from the rest.

PaviFLEX Gym Flooring


With a competitive price, this is the ideal flooring for CrossTraining and other activities with heavy equipment. Produced for impact absorption and reducing vibrations.

Produced with the scraps of our Premium flooring, the FitnessXtreme Eco product has been specifically developed for intensive use, providing the best performance to the most demanding athletes.

It is a non slip floor, so it is perfect also for functional training when requiring the right traction for reaction, speed, agility… It is made with a high density virgin compact rubber for getting the best properties in regards with impact absorption, weights resistance, vibrations reduction, heavy equipment supporting and acoustic isolation features. 



The extreme Flooring for outdoor use that offers the best performance to athletes who enjoy outdoor. 

The ideal flooring for CrossTraining and other activities with heavy equipment outdoor.

Resistant to weather events  such as sun, rain, snow...


Need to be glued to the surface and has the same properties as our Fitness Xtreme Eco.



"The strongest floor ever seen" 


PaviFLEX have developed a new and stronger flooring named “MONSTER”, using 14 mm thickness compact virgin rubber in just 1 sqm puzzle interlocking tile, to satisfy the most demanding requirements for heavy and intensive use. 


It is a non slip floor made with an extra high density compact virgin rubber,  providing the best performance for impact absorption, weights resistance, vibrations reduction, heavy equipment supporting and acoustic isolation features.


  • 20 Kg/m2 compact rubber

  • 14 mm. thickness

  • Extremely intensive use

  • Indoor & Outdoor

  • Eco Friendly & Sustainable

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