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PaviFLEX Fitness is exceptional flooring for standard fitness areas with cardio and indoor cycling.

Made with 100% virgin rubber of the highest quality, it is a long lasting floor, resistant and flexible at the same time. Thanks to PaviFLEX newest vulcanization process, Fitness is produced with the right properties to support the cardio equipment, decrease the vibrations and reduce the noise of dumbbells. 


PaviFLEX Fitness do not absorb water, nor sweat, it is water proof anti-bacterial, so it does not smell and it is really easy to clean. It is available in a wide range of colors, including the wood and the marble effect colors. Its installation is so easy as puzzle interlock the tiles.

PaviFLEX Fitness can be customized as per customer request with any logo, marking or design, so each fitness center is different and will stand out from the others.



The most Eco Friendly and price wise flooring.


Fitness Eco is 100% compatible with PaviFLEX Fitness, so you can highlight the rooms with functional training markings in any color, easy optimization of the budget.


PaviFLEX Fitness Eco is the exceptional flooring at the right price.


Not only this is a price wise product, but also this is PaviFLEX respectful contribution with the environment. Fitness Eco is produced using the scraps of our Fitness flooring production,production, we recycle and produce again, so we obtain an Eco product with the same properties as our Premium product, but less expensive.


The Fitness Eco surface is water proof, as it is made of compact virgin rubber that do not allow the water or the sweat to penetrate, therefore the product do not smell and it will keep the same appearance much longer than others. Fitness Eco is really easy to clean and maintain using just water and non abrasive soap for daily cleaning.


Fitness Eco is produced in different spotted colors: Blackstone, Grey, Terra, Viola and Granite, but it can also be produced as per customer request, for instance with Red dots or Yellow dots.

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