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We offer you the highest quality hygienic gym floor.

01 Facilities

COVID19 FREE Facilities.

All our facilities were properly disinfected by an Authorized Virucidal Sanitization company.

Following the guidance of International Health Officials, our production lines, warehouses and offices were sanitized and they are COVID19-FREE.
Daily protocols for the cleaning have been implemented.
We do regular ventilation of all areas and, wherever ventilation is not possible we have placed Ozono generators.
All our offices and warehouses worldwide are open and continue producing and delivering.

We protect our employees.


All our employees have been properly equipped with personal protective equipment.

Protective Face Shields manufactured with PaviFLEX premium EVA rubber have been provided to our team in addition to other protective masks and gloves.
Disinfectant and hand sanitizing gel stations have been placed around our facilities.
Social distancing precautions have been taken in the production line, warehouses and offices. Equipment, machinery and workplaces have been relocated in order to ensure social distancing precautions.
Our Production team, Logistics team and Customer Service is 100% operational.
02 Employees
03 Products



In the production line our products are disinfected to ensure they are virus free.

Our floors are CE certified
Our products are FORMAMIDE FREEPAH's FREE and they are Low emission Volatile Organic Compound certified. They comply with the requirements of international regulations.
Virgin rubber we produce is safer and much more hygienic than others. All our products, including the ECO line, are made with compact virgin rubber so no water, liquid or sweat can penetrate in them, avoiding bad odours. They are 100% impermeable, easy to clean and disinfect.
Our floors are bacterial resistant so they inhibit the growth of microorganisms.
We are VEGAN APPROVED. We do not use any animal compounds in our products or production processes.
Another very good thing of our floors is that you can clean and disinfect them with many different cleaning and disinfectant products existing in the market. For more information please contact: 

SAFE Deliveries.

We guarantee a safe delivery of all our products.

Our products are packaged in closed packages to ensure protection while delivered.
We only use Premium Transport Companies known worldwide, like DHL, that comply with International Regulations of Sanitization rules in transportation.
All the measures implemented in our company following the International regulations for transportation, guarantee a safe delivery of all our products.
04 Deliveries

We love to share. We are PaviFLEX


Keep your business safe, keep the world running.

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