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acoustic insulation flooring


Acoustic Isolation Solutions

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PaviFLEX provides you with multiple acoustic solutions for your fitness center.

We focus our efforts on perfecting the various acoustic solutions. PaviFlex is working on the development of new formulas to reach an excellent absorption of shock and sound up to 30.7 dB

Acoustic Solutions
and impact absorption

Acoustic insulation flooring systems certified by Audiotec.

We provide you combined systems of different floorings which were created to serve the best acoustic insulation solution according to the requirements of your facility.


All our solutions have been certified by AUDIOTEC in compliance with the UNE-EN ISO 10140-1:2011 standard.

All the tests performed on our acoustic insulation systems are based on the same procedure: Dropping a 30 kg dumbbell from a height of half a meter.

Acoustic insulation flooring room

MAT 030
The Guardian of Silence

MAT 030 is the top acoustic insulation flooring of PaviFLEX Gym Flooring. Thanks to the large size of the tiles, thickness and the high-density EVA composition, MAT 030 is one of the best acoustic isolation flooring also in the market.

Mat30 results
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Basic 30
The sustainable solution

Basic 30 is a 30 mm. thick recycled rubber tile with good acoustic insulation characteristic. With very good recovery and shock absorption.

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Basic System   
Best price combination

The Basic system gives you the best price performance ratio through usage a 20 mm recycled rubber underlayer and a highly durable virgin compact rubber surface, our Fitness Pro flooring with 7mm. 

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Confortsonic® Systems
High density Acoustic Isolation Underlay

CONFORTSONIC® systems offer you professional solutions with an acoustic underlay made up of high-density eva tiles in different thicknesses. That gives you the maximum shock absorption value and a very high acoustic insulation properties on the market, without affecting the aesthetic appearance of the room.

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Mat30 results
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Confortsonic 15

Confortsonic 20

Confortsonic 30

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