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Custom Functional eco flooring


Functional Training

Create functional training circuits with inserted marking in the flooring or Turflex.

Check the different standard marks available.

Do it

And enjoy while train!

Zonnax markings are functional circuits with rubber marks inserted into our rubber or artificial grass flooring.

Choose one of our training circuits or just create your own functional training circuit. There is no limit for customization and design on functional markings in the floor.


The markings of ZONNAX functional training circuits in our rubber flooring are made with insertions of same rubber in different colours, so the markings will never disappear. That also applies to our artificial grass but the replacement is artificial grass.


Design yourself the functional area you wish and provide your clients with original training programs and a modern beautiful look of  the flooring and walls.


In our catalogue we offer you the most useful functional training markings where you can workout many different programs of speed, reaction, coordination, agility, balance, rhythm or strength, and we invite you to send to us your own idea to help you making it real.


We show you how to use circuits with training programs developed by We FitAcademy.

Get one of our Zonnax circuits and we will provide you with three Functional Training Programs (HIIT, STRENGTH and CARDIO) developed by We Fit Academy

Marks for functional exercises on recycled rubber flooring
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