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acoustic isolation installation in Norway

The guardian of silence

MAT 030 is the perfect flooring for acoustic isolation.

Developed for all types of intensive activities with heavy equipment and freeweights.

MAT 030

MAT30 acoustic tile

Acoustic isolation flooring & shock absorbing impacts

The larger size of the tiles helps stopping the sound and avoid its propagation.

Developed for CrossTraining and intensive use activities with free weights and heavy equipment. Its composition absorbs sound and vibration before reaching the surface, reducing noise in 28.3 dB according to the ISO 10140 standard.

Specifically developed as the acoustic isolation solution for urban gyms, this flooring is nowadays one of the most important products for PaviFLEX.


MAT030 is available in solid colors  with rough or plain surface. It is manufactured in large tiles puzzle interlocking for an easy installation.


It is fully customizable with any logo, design or marking.

MAT 30 acoustic isolation detail
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