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Tatami for babies and plays areas


Flooring for Kids
Areas & Playrooms

Extra soft padded to protect babies from falls, bumps and to insulate them from cold floors.

Tatami Lu baby 3d tile

Tatami Junior
for babies
and play areas

Certified by the National Kids Security Association.

PaviFLEX Junior helps with the kids development at every stage. The flooring is a safe net and allows children to develop their motor skills. It stimulates the senses with the bright colours. Junior is waterproof and protect the kids from the direct contact with the floor. It has thermal insulation quality.


Junior is available in a lot of different colours and you can choose between two different surfaces, plain and bubble surface. With our four sides puzzle interlocking system is the installation easy and does not require glue.


It is fully customizable with designs, logos and markings.


Our Junior flooring is also available for final consumers and home use

kids area with junior flooring
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