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Tatami flooring MMA

Tatami Pro

Tatami flooring for
physical contact sports


tatami piolin for martials

Martial Arts

“Only the braves will absorb the impacts to gradually return the generated energy”

TatamiPRO produced by PaviFLEX provides the perfect balance and protect against falls, allowing the highest level of flow in the movements.

TatamiPRO absorbs the impacts from the body when falling and returns the bounce. With a padded surface but solid for the right movements and the right support for the feet. 


It is totally water proof and doesn't absorb any sweat. Really easy to clean. It is available in a lot of different colors and you can choose two different surfaces: plain surface and bubble surface for non-slip, with four sides puzzle interlocking for an easy installation that you don't need to glue to the floor.


Tatami PRO is fully customizable with logos, markings or designs.

TATAMI 20mm for martial arts
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