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Reabilitation and Physiotherapy flooring

Flooring for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Professional flooring solutions for the treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of injuries

PaviFLEX offer a 100% safe and comfortable solution for the flooring of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation clinics.



We offer patients a safe and comfortable surface to workout and recovery from injuries.

Hygienic flooring for fisio and rehabilitation clinics and hospitals

Technical & Hygienic
Flooring for
Physio&Rehab Clinics

Your recovery, our best news

¿Why choose PaviFLEX for the therapy of your patients?​

PaviFLEX offers you three different solutions for each stage in the recovery process of your clients.


Our floorings offer an ideal balanced traction.

The surface of our rubber flooring provides a perfect balance for the patient's traction and an exceptional balance while performing rehabilitation exercises, offering maximum performance in each movement. Avoiding slips.


Comfortable and stable surface.

PaviFlex flooring offer an unique comfort sensation and safety in performing all exercises. Even barefoot.

eco flooring for rehabilitation
Fitness flooring
TURFlex logo

Perfect for training and rehabilitation areas.

Great comfort even barefoot. Facilitates the execution of each movement offering optimal balance and maximum stability.

Functional and resistant.

Very comfortable surface for functional exercises, even without shoes. Ideal for stretching and recovery areas.

FitnessPRO floor

For weight-bearing rehabilitation workouts.

Very resistant flooring for strength exercises with or without machinery.

Add Functional Marking.

Include functional marks to help evaluate and measure the evolution of your patients. For a recovery work more bearable and enjoyable.

Slideflex logo

Sliding Board.

Our slide training platform is a perfect complement to incorporate into rehabilitation programs. It allows repetitive movement and eccentric exercises which are controlled by friction.

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