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Functional area with custom flooring and athletics track

Fitness Pro

Flooring for functional training & Strength areas 

For all kinds of strength areas and intensive use, including medium equipment

Flooring for
functional training

High-resistance flooring for strength areas and intensive functional workout and medium equipment.

PaviFlex Fitness Pro provides perfect traction for the performance of functional movements. It absorbs the impact on the joints and withstands falling weights.

Produced with a very durable virgin rubber of high density. It does not keep marks and is very resistant. PaviFlex Fitness Pro absorbs the impact, acts as an efficient acoustic insolation material and has a perfect friction coefficient for the best grip performance.


FitnessPRO has an extraordinary grip, it is flexible, comfortable and has a high fire protection classification. 


The high-quality puzzle interlocking system makes the installation very easy. Just place the tiles on an existing solid, clean and plain surface and interlock the tiles without any glue.


FitnessPRO can be customized with any logo, design or marking. The markings are inserted with rubber of different color, so they will never disappear when using the floor.

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trx room with custom flooring
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