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room with led system on the floor

Portable Interactive Fitness

LedFLEX is an interactive fitness system with proximity sensors inserted in the floor and the wall. It is a fantastic tool for functional training workout.

Portable Interactive 
flooring LedFlex

Enjoy the Interactive fitness experience
where you want.

LedFLEX is an interactive fitness system that allows to take your fitness room to another level with a simple technology. Just press PLAY and begin to train.

LedFLEX converts any part of your Fitness center in an intelligent interactive tool with multiple functionalities.


The LED lights are inserted in the PaviFLEX flooring, also in the walls, and they have proximity sensors, so they can be used with feet, hands or any fitness accessories like balls, boxing gloves... Create your interactive training program, choose from a multitude of exercises in a very easy-to-use software and press PLAY to start the fun.


Really simple to install. You only have to join the tiles, insert the led lights and connect the system to the Wi-Fi network. The portability of the LedFlex system makes it unique in the market.


LedFLEX is produced for WIFI installation and also for WIRED installation, and it is fully customizable as per customer request.

LedFLEX is normally offered integrated into a ZONNAX functional training areas like interactive stations of the circuit.

functional training room with led system
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